All of us at Maserati Louisville thank you for trusting us with your automotive needs! As your Maserati dealer in the greater Lexington area we are as passionate about the Maserati lifestyle as you are.

As you come to know us you will find that our employees are ambitious automotive brand experts that are constantly improving to ensure that your Maserati experience is everything you had envisioned. With a caring and understanding approach to client service we are confident that your relationship with us will be profound and enduring. We look forward to finding the right Maserati that will serve you for generations to come. 

Please do not hesitate to contact any one from our staff and feel free to stop in at our dealership for a visit! 

James E. Haynes

James E. Haynes
Dealer Principal

Phone: 502.894.3429 • Email: James E. Haynes

CJ Leyendecker

CJ Leyendecker
General Manager

CJ Leyendecker grew up in Albuquerque NM., and joined the US Army straight out of high school.  After 2 years of exemplarily military service he enrolled at New Mexico State University to earn a business degree. After graduation he gained experience in the Service Industry field - eventually managing bars and nightclubs abroad.  That is what brought him here to Kentucky in 2003.  Since then he has managed several nightclubs and worked as an On-Premise Manager for Red Bull N/A. 

He sold his first car in 2010 after switching careers to spend more time with his wife and newborn daughter.  He is incredibly passionate about cars and has a unique "relaxed" approach to sales.  He prides himself as a transparent, honest and fair person, which carries over into his professional interactions.  Never a one for high-pressure sales, CJ is more focused on the big picture, making happy customers for life.  

Phone: 502.894.3429 • Email: CJ Leyendecker

Carl Horner
F&I Manager

Phone: 502.515.8942 • Email: Carl Horner

Lee Holder
Service Manager

Main 502-894-3429

Direct 502-515-5881

Cell 502-664-3522

Phone: 502.894.3429 • Email: Lee Holder

Chris Evans
Sales Professional

Main 502-894-3429

Direct 502-515-5892

Cell 502-619-0060

Email: Chris Evans

Jeremy Carrier
Sales Professional

Main 502-894-3429

Direct 502-894-5853

Cell 502-403-3794

Email: Jeremy Carrier

Joel Richardson
Sales Professional

Main 502-894-3429

Direct 502-515-5894

Cell 502-558-1563

Email: Joel Richardson

Marshall Atherton
Sales Professional

Email: Marshall Atherton