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 Maserati will set sail from the North Cove Marina in New York to try and beat the North Atlantic record to Lizard Point, UK (2880 miles).

Giovanni Soldini: “Today’s start is our last opportunity until at least the end of October and this means we are definitely looking on it as a good window despite the fact that there be a few make-or-break points along the route. We are casting off directly behind Hurricane Gonzalo and that means some risk of ending up in too big a sea, something that would slow Maserati’s progress. We have another critical passage at Newfoundland where we’ll be sailing before a cold front that will stay with us all the way to the other side of the ocean. If, as we hope, we manage to stay a good way ahead of that front, we will make excellent time. However, if the front turns out to be faster than anticipated in four days’ time, it will overtake us and at that point the record will be gone most probably. In short, we’ll play our cards but the stakes will be high as ever”.



Date Posted: November 13, 2014